Our Process


In our first development stage, we work with you to clarify your business goals, establishes Web site objectives and determines success measurement criteria. We focus on the client’s value proposition, its competitive environment and elements that differentiate its business. We review the essence of the client’s brand and identity. Identify and analyze the target audiences – what’s important to them and what will earn their trust and business. We review the business process and technical requirements and discover ways to use technology to create value. The outcome provides a solid foundation for defining the vision and requirements for the Web site.


Working as a partner with the client we gather information about its competitive environment. We review the target audiences’ goals, preferences and technology comfort level. We discuss with the client its target positioning in the industry and market. Using the intelligence gathered, we identify and review sites that are good benchmarks. Development and Testing Once we have agreed with the client on the vision and strategic direction of the web site, we create a Web Site Plan. This Plan provides a detailed framework for implementing the Web strategy. It focuses on goals and functional requirements; target audiences; navigation design; and a content plan. Our design is driven by a user-focused approach. We create personal connections with the target audiences and provide easy-to-use “paths” for them to accomplish their goals in the site. We carefully design the navigation so the target content is only one or two clicks away. This effort pays off and enhances user experience, encourages repeat visits and increases the Web site’s stickiness. Our design is equally driven to get the client’s message across and to enhance its brand and image.


In this phase the Web pages, applications and databases are developed and integrated. Following the Web Site Plan, we develop HTML site templates, navigation designs and live Web pages. We coordinate on receiving site content, and copy edit as needed. We create and optimize graphics. We tweak and fine-tune page designs, user interface and content flow. Clients login to see the architecture and layout of the project and give feedback. We develop applications and databases, and integrate as required. We review and test their functions. We review and update as needed functional and technical requirements. There are many design and technical details that need to be carefully attended to. We pay close attention to each of them, and the effort pays off in a site that is well-integrated and flows seamlessly.

We research and identify strategic keywords that are top candidates to be included. We optimize the site based on the keyword profile.


We research and identify strategic keywords that are top candidates to be included. We optimize the site based on the keyword profile.


While the client enjoys the excitement of a new Web site launch, we continue to closely monitor the site to ensure it performs smoothly. The live site is published in the server. Features, applications and e-mail are turned on. We do more tests, monitor and review site usage data to uncover any potential issues. Our team works with the client to review site announcement and launch strategies.


A well-managed site is critical. Most clients ask us to provide site hosting and maintenance services. We monitor site performance, manage applications, review and resolve technical issues, and implement new site content.

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